Thursday, May 05, 2005

Tournée Alrowwad aux USA de 17 Juin au 10 Juillet 2005

New York
Vendredi, 17 Juin
Arrivée à New York City. (New York schedule will be coming soon. Thank you New York!)

Saturday, June 18
12 noon - Sally (van) and Shannon (car) drive the group to lunch at an Arabic restaurant near DUMBO (generously paid for by Maysoon Zaid), Brooklyn with the Palestine National Theater group (6 men group who are only here in the US until Saturday night!)
1:30-2 pm - Sally and Shannon drive the group out to Wayne
6 pm - Performance in Wayne, New Jersey. PM - Meal afterward at Arabic restaurant in Wayne (right?)

Sunday, June 19
Morning till 4 pm - Sally and Shannon drive the group to Coney Island!! Swimming at the beach and 12-4pm tickets for unlimited rides at Astroland Amusement Park (Asia- we need to order these soon, right?) Lunch at Nathan's Hotdogs (kosher!)
5:00 pm - Sally and Shannon drive group to midtown. Sally returns van to rental place.
6:30 pm - group attends 7 pm performance of "Sweet Charity" on Broadway and meet Denis O'hare on stage after the show. Light meal afterwards.

Monday, June 20
Morning and early afternoon- Group to take Staten Island ferry past the Statute of Liberty. Then a walk up the west side of manhattan from Battery Park through all of the new "lower westside parks".
2:30 pm - Lunch at Henry and Kathleen Chalfant's home in the West Village (donated!) - Denis O'Hare (from Sweet Charity) should also be at this lunch too!
7:30 pm - Barrow Street Theater performance

Tuesday, June 21
Mid-afternoon: Go up to the 86th floor viewing station of the Empire State Building.
7 pm - Performance at the Martin E. Segal Theater (based in the CUNY Graduate Center on 34th St and 5th Ave)

Wednesday, June 22
2:30-5:30 - Nibras Arab-American Theater Company hosts a theater workshop for the children at the Al-Noor School in Brooklyn - light snack provided
7 pm - Performance at the Al-Noor School and dinner afterwards in Brooklyn.

Thursday, June 23
12 noon - Grand Central Station - group takes 12 noon train off to Connecticut!


Jeudi, 23 Juin
Leave New York City for Falls Village, Connecticut. Al-Rowwad troupe arrives in Falls Village – Bob McLean will transport them here. Troupe will have dinner at Gail's house, hang out, maybe tour around the area in the evening. Possible newspaper interview for the next day’s paper to also advertise the performance.

Vendredi, 24 Juin
Rehearsal at the high school some time during the day. Performance of ``We Are the Children of the Camp” at the high school at 8 p.m.

Samedi, 25 Juin
Sound check at the Town Grove in Lakeville at 3 p.m. Dabka performance at the Grove Festival for approximately 50 minutes beginning at 5:30 p.m. Spend the rest of the evening at the festival.

Dimanche,26 Juin
Drive to Charter Oak Center in Hartford (about one hour away) to arrive by 11:30 to rehearse for 2:30 p.m. performance of ``We Are the Children of the Camp.” Return to Falls Village for the evening.

Lundi, 27Juin
Free day – depending on the weather: Sleep late, go to the lake to swim/canoe/kayak, go for a hike on the Appalachian Trail, go shopping, go to the movies, have a picnic, other – maybe all of the above!

Mardi, 28 Juin
The troupe leaves for Vermont. We will either drive the troupe to Vermont or to Albany, NY where they will take a bus to Vermont.Burlington, VermontTuesday, June 27: Arrival from Connecticut. Pot luck at Nancy Farrell's. If it's warm, we take potluck to North Beach

Mercredi, 29 Juin
Bike to organic farm. Pick strawberries. Soccer game with pen-pals from Lawrence Barnes school. Swim. Rainy day: Science Museum. Evening: bike to cookout at the Donaths, from Sister Cities: Burlington-Bethlehem-Arad.

Jeudi, 30 Juin
Gentle morning, laundry, showers. Afternoon: Lunch on Church Street, buying presents for families and those who couldn't come. Tour Peace and Justice Center. Interview with press. 4:30 rehearsal at City Hall. Contois Auditorium Performance 7:00 p.m. After theater: pizza in the park.

Friday, 1 Juillet
Visit Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory in Waterbury. Possible: slide in Stow and/or swim in waterfalls. Picnic hosted by Women in Black and Wilpf in Montpelier.6:00 performance Trinity Methodist Church. Snacks and drive to Wheeler Mountain farm in Hardwick

Samedi, 2 Juillet
Breakfast at the farm. All day with Peter Schumann's famous puppets. Break for picnic and swim. Evening: return to Wheelock farmSunday, July 3: Performance with Bread and Puppet Circus, Glover, Vermont, 3:00 p.m. Return to Burlington

Louisville, Kentucky
Lundi, 4 Juillet
Flight to Louisville, Kentucky. Arrival by 5pm.Louisville, KentuckyMonday, July 4: Airport Welcome by Louisville Friends of Al-Rowwad with media invited. Community Welcome Dinner hosted by the nationally renowned River City Drum Corps' Ed White and Zambia Nkrumah at their center. Meal by Ramsi's Restaurant. Stay at Urban Spirit, an antipoverty community center hosting the housing and all breakfasts for the Louisville visit.

Mardi, 5 Juillet
Morning and afternoon join local children from Bosnia, Haiti, Cuba and others lands participating in the Summer Program hosted by Americana Community Center. Opportunity for performance of dance. Lunch at Americana. Opportunity for Al-Rowwad teachers and Friends of Al-Rowwad to dialogue while children have playtime at the Americana Center.

Mercredi, 6 Juillet
All day drum workshop and puppet workshop with local children at West Broadway United Methodist Church. Facilitated by River City Drum Corps, Squallis Puppeteers and other community puppeteers. Lunch by the justice community of West Broadway United Methodist Church. Drumming/puppet/dance performance in Shawnee/Chickasaw Park and picnic dinner.

Thursday, 7 Juillet
Morning and early afternoon time to visit around Louisville. To University of Louisville's Thrust Theater for rehearsal for evening performance. Return to Urban Spirit to rest, clean up and have a snack. Performance of "We are the Children of the Camp" at the University of Louisville Thrust Theater at 7pm. Reception with audience after performance.

Vendredi, 8 Juillet
"Master Class" in theater skills with Stage One Children's Theater and tour of the Kentucky Center for the Arts. Lunch provided by Stage One. Return to Urban Spirit to rest up and prepare for evening performance. Community Festival at Urban Spirit featuring local artists and Al-Rowwad dance performance

Samedi, 9 Juillet
All day play day with local youth invited. Travel to Moncada Farms, about 30 minutes from Urban Spirit. Visit Henry's Ark animal zoo to play with and feed the animals (goats and camels and buffalo, etc.)Swimming and volleyball and other games around the swimming pool and picnic for lunch and for dinner.

Dimanche, 10 Juillet
Départ pour New York et vol retour pour Amman dans la même journée.


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